Building a legacy, one victory at a time.

You could say we have a bit of a reputation

800 starts, 100 victories, 6 championships

30 years of racing experience

Sports car racing is the centerpiece of businesses for Kelly-Moss

We have been fielding multiple entries in the ultra-competitive IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup Challenge, Pirelli GT3 and World Challenge Cup, and PCA Racing, building upon a legacy of victories and championships. KMR has entered every GT3 Cup Challenge event since its creation in 2005, making over 800 starts and amassing over 100 victories and six championships in that time.

Race program offering #1

World-class Arrive & Drive race program

The Arrive and Drive Program at Kelly-Moss Road and Race is second to none. Whether you own your car or want to try a rental, we can tailor a program to your needs. Our program ranges from simple car transport to full concierge services so all you have to do is arrive and drive.

Full-service amenities and more

The majority of our customers enjoy full-service amenities including (but not limited to) storage of your car, pre and post event prep, professional technicians and engineers, driver coaching, data coaching, driver’s race event lounge, event catering, and assistance with travel and lodging.We can also offer sponsor exposure, marketing assistance, VIP entertainment and much more. Ready to join our team?

Ken Swan
Race and Resource Manager
Race program offering #2

Driver development

Kelly-Moss Road and Race specializes in developing drivers at any age or on any skill level. We have proven examples of success and are able to develop custom programs to suit your needs. We provide professional championship winning, proven driver coaches that keep ‘right seat coaching’ a staple of the program.

Drive with a pro in your passenger seat

This offers you the opportunity to drive with a pro in your passenger seat and have the pro drive you, all with perfect communication throughout. We utilize advanced video systems with features like GPS line tracking, side by side comparisons, and data on video overlay to optimize your driver development.

Ken Swan
Race and Resource Manager

More experience than any other team competing in IMSA GT3 Cup

KMR brings an experienced Porsche Engineers and Data Engineers to races and tests. Plus, we can organize private tests, track days, and corporate events at tracks all around North America, and Europe.

Race program offering #3

Our 60,000 sq. ft. facility is the culmination of nearly three decades of race learning.

Never leaves our shop

Your race car never has to leave our shop to be expertly prepared, repaired or liveried. We are equipped with the latest and most advanced equipment including both engine, chassis and shock dynos plus our machine, engine, transmission, composites and manufacturing shops all under one roof.

From design to your car

In-house design, paint and body shop

Our in-house paint and body shop affords us the ability to meet seemingly impossible deadlines imposed by the occasional on-track skirmish. Our in-house graphics and design shop can create an attention grabbing look for your car on the track.

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