Custom builds & restorations

from one-off to better than new

Kelly-Moss has the tools, knowledge and team to build your dream Porsche.

custom offering #1

One-off vehicle builds

For the ones who dream big and like to stand out from the crowd, the Kelly-Moss custom vehicle program is the perfect option to turn your dream into reality.

There are no cookie cutter, bolt on builds here.

Kelly-Moss will pull every piece, panel, nut and bolt to start from the ground up to craft a masterpiece.


These often go through the same process as a full restoration would with the difference being the custom component.


You provide input on every detail, every step of the way. If you’re looking for something special this is the program for you.

get started

The process begins with an in-person, or phone call meeting.

You'll start with Kelly-Moss Director of Operations and dream designer, Andy Kilcoyne. Kilcoyne has been the backbone of Kelly-Moss custom builds for over 5 years and is responsible for the overall design concepts on our most famous projects.

During this first meeting, Kilcoyne will discuss overall vision, logistics, budget and timelines.

Once the vision is locked down, a professional graphic designer will produce a high-quality rendering of what your build could look like when completed. Kilcoyne and the rest of the Kelly-Moss team will be in contact every step of the build, sharing progress images and timeline updates. After your build is complete, a professional photoshoot will be done and shared which will show every custom detail inside and out. Transportation arrangements or in-person pickup will also be discussed so you can get in your new ride as soon as it’s complete.

Safari builds

Porsche 911 “safari” conversions are rooted in a dirt-slinging rally tradition. The 911 safari aesthetic did not come out of the blue, but instead sprang from a corner of real Porsche history. The first motorsport victory for a factory-backed 911 came in the 1965 Monte Carlo Rally, with driver Herbert Linge and Porsche engineer Peter Falk scoring a class win and taking fifth overall. Their 911 was one of just 35 cars out of 237 entrants to finish the snowy 3000-mile race.

Kelly Moss Safari builds are notorius.

We've been active in the Safari scene for years and our cars have seen everything from desert sand to frozen lake beds. What's more, we've built Safari cars from late model, water-cooled Porsches to classic air-cooled models. If you're thinking about a Safari build, rest assured we've got a long history of these builds, along with some very happy customers.

Ready to discuss your new custom project?

Take advantage of our expertise and chat with us about your idea.  We'll embrace it and help you further evolve it into your automotive dream.

custom offering #2

Frame off restorations

When compromising on quality is not an option, the Kelly-Moss Restoration Program is for you.  Our restorations are "better than new."

For true enthusiasts, vehicles invoke an emotional response that other passions sometimes don’t.

If we asked what car you learned how to drive a stick in, what car you took on your first date, or the first time you drove a Porsche, you could answer.

Return to original

Whether it's a low production number car or a personal & emotional attachment, we will return your vehicle to showroom new condition.

Low production number builds

We sometimes get to work on the rarest of the rare. The kinds of cars most people never get to see in real life. Customers trust us with these treasures because our builds reflect the value and care that is required.

The restoration process starts with a complete tear down.

At this stage, the car is fully assessed and a list of what needs to be corrected is made. Depending on the restoration, during this teardown stage vehicle history and research begin. Any quirks, features, or tiny details the car had during production are brought to the table. Issues with any prior repairs are noted.

The Kelly-Moss team is a group of artists, hand shaping panels to bring the vehicle back to new quality without the use of filler.

Once the raw metal body is free of defects, absolutely straight, and every detail from the factory matches, the rebuild can begin. The interior goes through the same process - matching colors, fabric, and materials. Finally, concours quality paint, detailing and mechanical tuning is conducted.

Contact Kelly Moss to talk about your restoration idea.

We’ve restored award-winning 911s, 356s, Datsuns, and Ferraris and much more. We're happy to add more to the list so please contact us!

custom offering #3

Modern customization

You want to stand out. We’ve got you. We have the skills to take your car to the next level.

You’ve worked so hard to get the car of your dreams.

From suspension, wheels, or a wrap, to engine performance modifications or custom carbon fiber pieces, we have the skills to take your car to the next level.

Your car as unique as you.

If you’ve ever thought about any upgrades, this is the program for you.

Our Modern Customization program encompasses a wide range of modification capabilities. We can do it all - from performance enhancements to wheels, body, aero modifications and interior customizations.